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Cartwright? Cartwright! GIF

Chinese Restaurant worker – “Cartwright? Cartwright!”

George: Excuse me, I’m expecting a call. Costanza?

Bruce: Yeah, I just got a call. I yell ‘Cartwright! Cartwright!’, just like

that. Nobody came up, I hang up.

George: Well, was it for Costanza or…

Bruce: Yes, yes, that’s it. Nobody answered.

George: Well was it a woman?

Bruce: Yeah, yeah. I tell her you not here, she said curse word, I hang up.

(George comes over to Jerry and Elaine, stunned)

George: She called. He yelled Cartwright. I missed her.

Jerry: Who’s Cartwright?

George: I’m Cartwright!

Jerry: You’re not Cartwri-

George: Of course I’m not Cartwright!

Often I sit and yearn.

Often I sit and yearn

It’s hard today with the men and women