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Is this about me? Then I’ve lost interest.

Is this about me? Then I’ve lost interest seinfeld meme

Jerry Seinfeld – “Is this about me?”

Elaine Benes – “No”

Jerry Seinfeld – “Then I’ve lost interest.”

Who is Jerry Seinfeld?

Jerome “Jerry” Seinfeld is the central character of Seinfeld, named after, based on, and played by comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

Jerry’s main friends are George Costanza, Cosmo Kramer and his ex-girlfriend Elaine Benes. Jerry (though not without exceptions) typically represents the voice of reason amidst George, Elaine, and Kramer’s antics, and can be seen as the focal point of the foursome’s relationship. Jerry is the only main character on the show to maintain the same career throughout the series (except for the episode where he is forced into bootlegging). Considering his job as a comedian, he is the most observational character, usually sarcastically commenting on his friends’ quirky habits, almost essentially the “New York Jew”-type character. He seems to have a new girlfriend every week, but the relationships usually end for fairly superficial reasons. He is also an almost obsessive compulsive neat freak.

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It's fusilli Jerry

It’s fusilli Jerry!